An Effective Approach Towards Dealing With Autism

There are many different characteristics of those with autism including a wide array of capabilities and distinct personalities. Fortunately, educators and psychologists have developed effective strategies which will allow for many of those on the autistic spectrum to learn and function just as any other child would.


According to Autism Speaks, a non profit organization which is dedicated to research and awareness, there are 6 basic steps that serve as a guideline towards an effective style of teaching; which are effective with all sorts of children, not just children with autism.


They are:


1) Break lesson plans or projects into small parts.

Sometimes children have trouble seeing the whole picture and need to see parts of a problem in the beginning, rather than being inundated with the whole thing all at once.

2) Visual learning aids trump spoken teaching methods.

Drawing pictures or using tangible objects like marbles or other counting aids can be so much more effective than simply stating something.

3) Write out a plan and stick to it.

All sorts of children and adults need a plan to be successful. As Ben Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail.”

4) Use the language of “If, Then and First, Next.”

This sets clear objectives and rewards. For example, “If you finish this page of math, then you may draw for five minutes.”

5) Give a choice in their learning.Autism-5

If a child is having a difficult time understanding a particular idea, then allow for them to take a break from it and to choose another concept that will further their skills and also serve as a mental break.

6) Never Break Promises.

Children are very responsive to promises. It’s important to have a sense of continuity with the teacher/student relationship. If rewards are not kept, then the child loses a seriousness or desire to continue with effort.

At Mathnasium of Avon, we are constantly keeping our instructors up to date on the best strategies of teaching. Training them to teach children with Autism related diagnosis is another step in that direction. If your , or someone you know, child has difficulties in learning due to autism related conditions, please call us and set up your appointment for a risk free evaluation. We may be able to help your child learn math in a very supportive environment.




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Why Math?

Growing up, children are faced with a lot of choice on how to spend their free time. Should they further their studies? Should they play a sport? an instrument? If they choose to further their studies, what should they focus on?

Mathematical Problem SolvingNobody can deny the joy that comes with playing a sport, or learning to play an instrument. Partaking in either of these activities can even give a student important life skills. However, what about the benefits that come from investing in your academic future, particularly in mathematics? Not only are these skills more applicable to everyday life, but they also result in better qualified job candidates, and more analytical minds that are better suited for problem solving.


Check out the article below to learn more! Here’s an excerpt to get you started!

mechanic math

“Choose math because you will meet it more and more in the future. Math becomes more and more important in all areas of work and scholarship. Future journalists and politicians will talk less and analyze more. Future police officers and military personnel will use more and more complicated technology. Future nurses and teachers will have to relate to numbers and technology every day. Future car mechanics and carpenters will use chip-optimization and stress analysis as much as monkey wrenches and hammers. There will be more math at work, so you will need more math at school.”


An investment into a strong mathematical foundation is the greatest gift you could give your child. It will help them in every aspect of their future, from every day problem solving and analysis to being the optimal candidate in whatever field they pursue. So don’t delay! The sooner you get a head start on your child’s math future, the better off they will be! Visit our website below, and schedule a stress free assessment for your child today!


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What makes a Good student Great?

It’s hard to imagine a professional athlete or musician who would consider taking a three month vacation -0b625b3dd8124503from building his/her skills once a year.  Most athletes take the off season as a time to train the most, push their limits, and build their skills for the coming season.  Likewise, all the best musicians play every chance they can, exploring music and trying new rhythms to strengthen and fine tune their skills.

However, kids across the country take three months off from learning every single year, in the form of Summer Vacation.  Surely everyone deserves a break from their regular routines and the exhaustion of studying day in and day out. However, during our children’s time of greatest development, taking three months off from learning creates very serious repercussions for the upcoming school year.

Many reputable institutions summer-researchhave conducted significant research on this specific subject.  Dating back as far as 1906, a number of studies have shown that students tested at the end of the summer show significantly lower scores on the same tests taken at the beginning of summer.  A study done by Fairchild in 2002 showed that on average, students lose 1 month of what they learned during the school year over the summer.  In math, the loss is as high as 2.6 months of grade level material even for students who are ‘Good’ in math!

Mathnasium of Avon offers summer packages to prevent this ‘summer slide’ in math. Parentsmake_it_mathnasium_summer can choose the ‘Catch-Up’ program to strengthen math concepts of current grade, or enroll in the ‘Get-Ahead’ program to for advanced math and stay at the top of their next grade.

There are even SAT and PSAT preparation sessions available for students in high school.

At Mathnasium we make math make sense.  We make math fun.  So make this a Mathnasium Summer for your child and turn them from Good students to GREAT students!  Stop the summer slide and help them Catch Up, Keep Up, and GET AHEAD in life!!

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This Valentine: Let Math improve your Lovelife!

How to win at online dating? How to find that perfect partner? How to avoid divorce?


Math is useful for a range of real-life situations: from doing grocery store calculations to managing space expeditions and every thing in between. Here let Hannah Fry help you improve your love life this Valentine!

At Mathnasium, we encourage kids to explore and develop their own meta-cognitive abilities and think of everything in life as having a mathematical component to it. We encourage students to transform real-life situations into algebraic equations and statistical inputs and use it to further their analysis.

Because when kids have fun with math, thats when their math learning really takes off!

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Mathnasium and Common Core

Teacher Helping Students

Since the adoption of Common Core, local schools struggle to understand how to adjust the current system to fit these new state standards. This is no fault of the schools, instead it is a logical result of what the Common Core is trying to do.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is teaching higher level math, to lower level grades. While this goal is clear, how to implement these changes is ambiguous.

School administrations have taken a variety of approaches to implement these goals with great success. However, many approaches are significantly different and even with all of their terrific efforts,

the sheer amount of material being pushed back into the grades is so vast that there are bound to be gaps.

We at Mathnasium are here to help fill those gaps. We begin with a comprehensive assessment designed to identify any math skills that may have fallen by the wayside. We then develop custom tailored binders designed to meet your child’s needs. Whether they are behind in school, or bounds ahead, we have what they need.


We understand the burden on American schools as they sort through the ambiguous goals that make up the common core. We understand the challenge of perfectly differentiating education to a room of over twenty very different students. We fully support local schools’ efforts and the government trying to raise standards across the country. And we are here to help our country raise those standards and make sure your child doesn’t get left behind. Don’t let your child become another statistic, get them the personal attention and support they deserve. Contact us today for a risk-free trial.

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Let The Math Tutors of Mathnasium of Avon Help Your Child Succeed!


Mathnasium of Avon is more than a math tutoring center—it’s an enrichment center where highly educated, talented tutors teach math in a way that makes sense to kids of all ages and skill levels.

Whether your child is working above their grade level or is struggling to keep up, their innovative educational method will give them a newfound mastery and confidence in their mathematical skills.

The Mathnasium system begins with a highly accurate assessment designed to identify your child’s specific strengths, as well as any gaps in their knowledge which might be preventing them from getting ahead. From there, the expert math tutors, all of whom are college-educated, develop an individualized learning plan tailored to your child’s particular needs.

This approach has been proven to empower students who are struggling, but also helps children advance themselves and learn at an accelerated rate.

The Mathnasium Method™ is based on the simple observation that children do not actually have a natural hatred of math. They do, however, hate being confused by their classwork and feeling left behind, a sensation that is commonly created by the difference between children’s actual skills and those that are expected of them. Mathnasium of Avon creates a supportive environment which meets children where they are and uses proven educational techniques to take them where they need to be. In the process, many children discover that they actually enjoy the challenge and sense of achievement they get from their schoolwork.

To find out more about this innovative learning center, visit Mathnasium of Avon online or just call (860) 785-6284.

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