This is your brain. This is your brain on math.


As we all know, the brain is the most complicated computer in existence. Like a computer, the brain updates its software periodically. This can come from the having the classic  “ah-ha” moment.

But what exactly is the “ah-ha” moment and how do I get it?

A recent article in New York Times explains that the “ah-ha” moment is that time when our brain is struggling to find the solution to something, but later finds the answer. From that point on, there is a clear path for the brain to take directly every time. It is like clearing the driveway of snow in order for the car to access the road. Once it is cleared, then the car doesn’t have anymore trouble and can pass with ease.

Every time the brain confronts a difficult math problem an “ah-ha” moment can occur. This feeling of accomplishment after the struggle is wonderful. Not only does it feel good to finish something difficult, but it also updates the software.

Yes, that’s right, you are updating your brain!!

From that point on, the brain is able to recognize similar problems and use the methods it had just learned to complete it.

We see such ah-ha moments at our center everyday when a student struggles with a particular mat problem and then suddenly “gets it” – we see students math confidence soar but what they do not know is that at the subconscious level they will now remember this concept and the approach for a long time to come.

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