Transitioning to Common Core: not just a struggle for students

frustrated childWe know the implementation of the Common Core has caused more than a few headaches. Parents see their children struggling and don’t understand why their child is being taught math so differently. Frustration is especially prevalent in students who started learning the “traditional” methods, and now are being taught differently.

Revamping educational standards has this unfortunate side effect; there are inevitably those whose education suffers during the transition period.  It is equally challenging for the teachers, because they have to completely change the way they teach, sometimes after decades of the same way of teaching.

frustrated teacherIt’s easy to get upset with teachers because of the strain this change is putting on the children. First we notice that our children are being forced to take too many tests, then we see them struggling with the common core. It’s easy to lump these frustrations together. However, believe it or not, one of the purposes of the common core is to reduce the number of standardized tests* issued by states and districts. The choice to revamp our educational system was not made lightly, for all of the reasons our teachers and students are currently struggling.

So what does this mean for the struggling students? If even our teachers are struggling, what hope do we have? Well, Mathnasium of Avon can help.

Mathnasium’s curriculum is designed specifically with the Common Core in mind, ensuring that our students are prepared, confident, and are masters of each topic they are taught. Such a mastery is hugely important for young minds during the transition to the Common Core.

Unfortunately, it seems that this transition period is resulting in students who either get it, or who don’t. There are are few in between.

What that boils down to is that either the student will be able to rise to their new expectations, and gain a mastery in their future math endeavors, or they will fall behind now, and stay behind. It is common knowledge that a student that falls behind a little bit will continue to fall further and further behind as their schooling progresses**.

It falls you, the parents, to make sure your children aren’t part of the statistic. Get your child started on path to Math Confidence today by visiting our website or calling us at (860) 785 MATH (6284) to schedule a risk-free assessment for your child today!

*PDF by the Center for American  Progress:



At Mathnasium of Avon, we take pride in using the Socratic method of teaching math where we always ask, even if a child has the right answer, how they got to that answer. This approach helps them in classroom as well with the Common Core standards. Mathnasium of Avon has been recently voted the Best Tutoring center in the Farmington Valley and we work with students with Autism too! Call us today at 860-785-6284 to find out how we can help your child excel in Math.