The Amazing Math Skills Of Olympians!

OlympicaMathThere are many times in high school when kids are put into cliques by others and labeled as Jocks, Drama kids, Academics, etc. However, in most cases, there is much more to people than a singular attribute which defines them.

The Summer Olympics are coming up and so we decided to research some of the backgrounds of the Olympians that will be representing the United States. Even though these athletes have dedicated much of their time and effort to their sport, there is much more to them than their physical ability.

amy-cozad-web-nup_172060_0235Some of the American athletes have extensive backgrounds in mcraft2athematics. For example, Amy Cozad (Left), a swimmer from Indiana also has a B.S. in mathematics. Amy works as a math tutor at Indiana University where she gives back the knowledge that she acquired throughout the years. Another example is skeet-shooter, Morgan Craft (Right), from Lindenwood College in Missouri who recently said, ” I’ve always had a love for math and science.” She plans on receiving a masters degree in order to work as a physicians assistant after the Olympics.  The list of athletes competing in this summer’s Olympics with diverse backgrounds is vast. Yes, while it is important to train hard and play hard, it’s also important to study hard!

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Here is wishing Team USA all the best for Olympics 2016!!!