What makes a Good student Great?

It’s hard to imagine a professional athlete or musician who would consider taking a three month vacation -0b625b3dd8124503from building his/her skills once a year.  Most athletes take the off season as a time to train the most, push their limits, and build their skills for the coming season.  Likewise, all the best musicians play every chance they can, exploring music and trying new rhythms to strengthen and fine tune their skills.

However, kids across the country take three months off from learning every single year, in the form of Summer Vacation.  Surely everyone deserves a break from their regular routines and the exhaustion of studying day in and day out. However, during our children’s time of greatest development, taking three months off from learning creates very serious repercussions for the upcoming school year.

Many reputable institutions summer-researchhave conducted significant research on this specific subject.  Dating back as far as 1906, a number of studies have shown that students tested at the end of the summer show significantly lower scores on the same tests taken at the beginning of summer.  A study done by Fairchild in 2002 showed that on average, students lose 1 month of what they learned during the school year over the summer.  In math, the loss is as high as 2.6 months of grade level material even for students who are ‘Good’ in math!

Mathnasium of Avon offers summer packages to prevent this ‘summer slide’ in math. Parentsmake_it_mathnasium_summer can choose the ‘Catch-Up’ program to strengthen math concepts of current grade, or enroll in the ‘Get-Ahead’ program to for advanced math and stay at the top of their next grade.

There are even SAT and PSAT preparation sessions available for students in high school.

At Mathnasium we make math make sense.  We make math fun.  So make this a Mathnasium Summer for your child and turn them from Good students to GREAT students!  Stop the summer slide and help them Catch Up, Keep Up, and GET AHEAD in life!!

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