Mathnasium and Common Core

Teacher Helping Students

Since the adoption of Common Core, local schools struggle to understand how to adjust the current system to fit these new state standards. This is no fault of the schools, instead it is a logical result of what the Common Core is trying to do.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is teaching higher level math, to lower level grades. While this goal is clear, how to implement these changes is ambiguous.

School administrations have taken a variety of approaches to implement these goals with great success. However, many approaches are significantly different and even with all of their terrific efforts,

the sheer amount of material being pushed back into the grades is so vast that there are bound to be gaps.

We at Mathnasium are here to help fill those gaps. We begin with a comprehensive assessment designed to identify any math skills that may have fallen by the wayside. We then develop custom tailored binders designed to meet your child’s needs. Whether they are behind in school, or bounds ahead, we have what they need.


We understand the burden on American schools as they sort through the ambiguous goals that make up the common core. We understand the challenge of perfectly differentiating education to a room of over twenty very different students. We fully support local schools’ efforts and the government trying to raise standards across the country. And we are here to help our country raise those standards and make sure your child doesn’t get left behind. Don’t let your child become another statistic, get them the personal attention and support they deserve. Contact us today for a risk-free trial.

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