Let The Math Tutors of Mathnasium of Avon Help Your Child Succeed!


Mathnasium of Avon is more than a math tutoring center—it’s an enrichment center where highly educated, talented tutors teach math in a way that makes sense to kids of all ages and skill levels.

Whether your child is working above their grade level or is struggling to keep up, their innovative educational method will give them a newfound mastery and confidence in their mathematical skills.

The Mathnasium system begins with a highly accurate assessment designed to identify your child’s specific strengths, as well as any gaps in their knowledge which might be preventing them from getting ahead. From there, the expert math tutors, all of whom are college-educated, develop an individualized learning plan tailored to your child’s particular needs.

This approach has been proven to empower students who are struggling, but also helps children advance themselves and learn at an accelerated rate.

The Mathnasium Method™ is based on the simple observation that children do not actually have a natural hatred of math. They do, however, hate being confused by their classwork and feeling left behind, a sensation that is commonly created by the difference between children’s actual skills and those that are expected of them. Mathnasium of Avon creates a supportive environment which meets children where they are and uses proven educational techniques to take them where they need to be. In the process, many children discover that they actually enjoy the challenge and sense of achievement they get from their schoolwork.

To find out more about this innovative learning center, visit Mathnasium of Avon online or just call (860) 785-6284.

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